We are at: 611 Cooke Street Honolulu, HI 96813    Call us for a tour!   (808) 791-3647 [email protected]

“I have been bringing my dog to ODDC for almost 7 years. They are the best!! Not only does my dog love coming, but I just love the owners- professional, animal loving people. The whole staff is welcoming and I totally trust my four legged friend with them.” – Colleen Sasaki 6789



“We have been with Ohana since they opened there doors back in 2005 and have been extremely happy with their care, love and support of my pets it took me a while to getting use to my first dogs coming home with blue toe nails but I knew it was all in fun and a day of pampering “wish it was me”.

When I lost my first dog to a car accident DIVO 3 years old, the staff was completely sad and cried along with us and gave us so much love and support and helped us get thru the rough times within a month I got my baby Rio at 13 weeks he had all his shots so we sent off to daycare he took to Ohana in no time 1 year later we got Cyd now they both go to Ohana for daycare and boarding. I can’t say enough to express how Ohana’s staff have been extremely loving and understanding to each of my boy’s needs. All I can say is when they hear go play with your friends they get completely excited. When we arrive at Ohana they just want to jump out of the car and get in with their friends, end of the day they are just as excited to see us as we are to see them for the moment they are all kiss, kiss and wagging tails then BOOM. There out cold for the car ride home after all they have a good life with lots of play time with many good friends at Ohana Doggie Daycare And Spa.

Thanks to all of you at Ohana staff and owners Chis and Kim and all your customers for making Ohana what it is today.” – James S.



“Ohana Doggie day care may not be the best place for all dogs, but it’s been the best thing for my dog.  Libby Lui is more social, happy and her  manners @ home have gotten better.  She comes home tired and happy.  The owners, Chris & Kim treat each dog as their own.  I never have to worry, as I did when leaving Libby at home.  She is surrounded by stable dogs & staff.  Its the best gift you can give to your stay @ home pup!!! Thank you Ohana Doggie day care.. you DA best!!” – Catherine A.



“I have been taking RD to Ohana Doggie for about 2 years now. From the get go ODDC has been a gem to us. Chris and especially Kim, really show a love for the dogs and their clients. I love the way they greet my dog when we enter. They treat our dog with the kind of love that a family member does. When we had to leave our dog for boarding, we were worried about leaving him for 10 days. However, having the cameras on really helped me on the trip. And I could see that our baby was being treated well and was happy. When we came home Kim was honest with us. She didn’t tell us stories like “Oh he was great the whole time and had a boat load of fun.”. She said, ” He was starting to miss us…and was kind of getting down.” I soooo appreciated the honest feedback. What it told me was that they were honest and was willing to give us the truth. It also helped me to know how long was too long for OUR dog, your dog may do just fine there for 10 days. Once when, I went to pick up RD from daycare, Chris pulled me over to see our dog in action having fun with the other dogs. It is that kind of aloha, that really speaks to my heart. They realize that we love our dog and therefore they love our dog too. For that, and many other caring reasons, we entrust our precious family dog to ODDC. Chris and Kim…I am so happy we found you. Thank you for always being there when we cannot be… deserve a box full of Coco Puffs. ;). See you soon.” – Lizzy R.


Ohana Doggie Day Care & Spa is just about the most perfect place to take your dog when you either want him/her to have a fun day or when you need to board him/her when you’re going away for a spell.  First of all, the facility is very large, clean and inviting, and the crew is always friendly and extremely helpful.  But what sets this place apart from the other daycare/boarding spots is the webcams that allow you to check on your beloved pet while you’re away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thrilled to see my dog when away in far places such as Japan.  I also really like it that when you’re boarding your dog you can be assured he/she won’t be locked away in a cage somewhere. The sleeping facilities include soft and inviting sofas where the pets can relax and sleep.  This, to me, is a perfect situation.  I never liked the idea of my dogs being put into a cage.  Anyway, I can safely say that Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa is the place where I’ll always be taking my beloved doggie whenever I need to have him taken care of for a day or a longer period.  Highly recommended! – Larry W.


“Our dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE ODDC!  Mele and Kayla have been going there since they pretty much opened in 2005. We have always been very happy with the quality of service and care our dogs have received. Both the original owners (Aunties Anna and Michelle) and the new owners (Chris and Kim) treated them like their own children with plenty of love, kindness, and affection.  They always give us a report on how they played and who they played with on the days they go to daycare.
The place is always clean and smells great.  The staff is friendly and Mele (the wary one) greets all the workers with lots of kisses and tail wags.
We’ve also boarded overnight and for longer and our girls love it! It’s like a vacation for them too.  If we could afford it we would probably send them everyday. But alas, until Mele and Kayla get jobs and start earning their keep they’ll have to settle for once a week.” – Franklin A.



“We have been bringing our two dogs to Ohana Doggie Day Care & Spa for two years. We have boarded them here when we go on vacation. Our dogs love coming here and playing with the other dogs.  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  The facilities are clean and air-conditioned.  We appreciate Ohana Doggie Day Care’s web-camera that allows us to see our dogs while we are away.  We enjoy Doggie Day Care because we can bring them in for just a few hours or for many days.”  – Diana S.



“Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa is a wonderful place to bring your dogs. The owners Kim and Chris are the best and welcome you with love and and Aloha. Although majority of the staffing has changed, be assured that your loved pet will be in good hands. We are picky when it comes to our dog, and we expect nothing but the best. That’s why Ohana is the best.
I’m a manager in banking and my partner is a Hawaiian educator whose in Japan once a month. We both have busy schedules and this is a great alternative for us to shelter, and make sure our dog is exposed and socialized with other dogs in a safe environment. I will say that our dog has changed in a good way since going to Ohana. He’s more accepting to other dogs, and patient.
The setup at ohana is clean and unique. The dogs are free to run around and play with each other. The staffs discipline and approach is based I believe with a type of Caesar Milan training, which makes me happy.
They offer boarding, baths, etc.
They make life convenient for us, and because of that it allows us to have trust in them. Trust for the past 2yrs.” – Koichi


“My pup loves ODDC. He always has it written all over his face after picking him up and going home while he’s out cold. How do I know he had a great time, you ask? Let me tell you the ways..
I first had my pup’s initial evaluation at 6 months old. They asked for all vaccination records and even my vets information before going through hours of eval and approval. It gives me a relieving feeling because this goes to show that they won’t allow just any dog without updated shots and records. THANK YOU!  The eval takes about 3 hours to make sure he’s able to get along with everyone in a pack setting. I am glad to know that my little guy passed his eval. Be prepared to have your paperwork at the time and will cost about $25 or $26 (it was all worth it). I had spoken to Chris (the owner) they normally will give tours of the facility at a certain time of the month, so don’t forget to ask. The facility is divided into two rooms. One for the big dogs and one for the little dogs and an outdoor area. This is a crate free facility (MORE BROWNIE POINTS!!) and installed webcams for both rooms and SUPER CLEAN. You can watch your pup play with other dogs all day everyday and their staff is constantly cleaning up after every oops. Don’t let me forget to mention that this is a one stop shop. Not only they provide excellent daycare but they also have overnight boarding, grooming. Depending on the season, my pup was able to have a photo shoot with the green power ranger (see photo below). I am so thankful for ODDC and the staff. Thank you for being great sitters! Check their website out for more information.

They’re conveniently located at the heart of Kakaako, off of Cooke St. and have parking next to their building.” – Kristine C.