We are at: 611 Cooke Street Honolulu, HI 96813    Call us for a tour!   (808) 791-3647 [email protected]

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!

Ohana Doggie daycare is the leader of cage free doggie daycare in Hawaii proudly serving the community for over 11 years. We strive to provide a fun, enriching, & stimulating environment for your dog while you are away.


New dogs must first complete a temperament evaluation and must be current on DHLPP and Bordatella vaccinations (Bordatella every six months). Please read our Rules & Regulations.

Day Care Passes

5-Day: $125 ($25/day)
10-Half Day: $150 (4 hrs = half day)
10-Day: $225 ($22.50/day)
20-Day: $440 ($22/day)
40-Day: $850 ($21.25/day)

Passes expire 120 days after first use.

Day Care Rates

$5.00 an hour – 2 hour minimum
Half day (4 hours) $18.00
Full day $28.00
Sunday (All Day) $18.00

Rates are subject to change during the holidays.


Our Benefits:

  • Leader in the business serving Hawaii for over 11 years
  • Experienced, Professional, & Caring Pet Care Attendants
  • Staff on duty 24/7
  • Cool comfortable air controlled facility
  • Outside/Indoor playtime
  • Special accommodations
  • Web Cams
  • Play groups according to size
  • No breed discrimination (but must pass evaluation)
  • Accept unneutered dogs under 40 pounds
  • Convenient hours and location
  • Utilize animal friendly/kennel disinfectant & cleaning supplies